About Me

I have a natural flair for creating involving material, and match this with a delivery style that changes to suit the needs of a group or individual. I have attended a ‘Train the Trainer’ course which has taught me, amongst other things, the value of simple communication; this has proven very effective when training on highly technical subjects. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my material, and have developed a style of training document which is straightforward, efficient, and easy on the eye. To this end, I have become confident in my knowledge of both Word and Excel.

Working for a fairly young company has meant that I have had plenty of hands-on experience with researching and testing new systems in order to provide accurate training material. Having repeatedly encountered last-minute changes and setbacks has taught me the value of a cool head and excellent colleague relationships to help manage these obstacles!

In order to further develop my skills as an exciting, inspiring trainer I have undertaken some personal study of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), which I have recently had the privilege of expanding on during a 3 day NLP introductory course. I now enjoy seeing the benefits of putting my learning into action, and am keen to move forward in a new and challenging environment.

In summary, I am a confident, eloquent and extremely creative individual who understands the value of training as a selling point as well as means to learn. I want to help a business achieve outstanding results across the company and make a lasting impression on both customers and staff.


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