‘Cause tomorrow is another day!

Well I got home before midnight…and my carriage didn’t turn into a pumpkin!

After a couple of weeks of feeling pretty terrible, mentally and physically, I am finally on the up. I have been indulging my weaknesses as regards food, drink and useless cyclical thought processes for long enough, and although it takes a bit of mettle to conquer them I think I’m getting there. Hence being home around 3-4 hours earlier than I would usually be on a Friday night!

Today was a good day because;

I thought I was going to have to make a really strong case to get the training I wanted. I am passionate about NLP, and am determined to one day be a counsellor in some capacity. I approached my manager with two options this afternoon; one being a basic ILM Level 3 course, teaching the framework of coaching and mentoring. I have read and understood enough to know that it would hone my skills, but not necessarily refine them. The other was the ILM Level 5 and NLP Business Coach course. The provider’s course I had chosen was exciting, expansive and stimulating and I was determined to sell/negotiate/argue my way to a place on it. Five minutes discussion with my boss and boom! Done. It was ‘no-brainer’ and I had to pull together the most basic of business cases to support it. Not only am I super-excited; I also feel inspired by the fact that my new employer recognises my abilities and is willing to invest in me.

On the back of this I was in a celebratory mood. Although my only plans were to meet a mate for drinks, I did my hair, put on a pretty dress and some stupid shoes and headed into town. My walk in and out of town includes a jaunt through the park…the evening was beautiful and the sun was shining through the trees like melted butter; my favourite kind of sunshine. I was listening to a song my nephew had played me a couple of nights before – ‘Tomorrow is another day’ by Modestep. I don’t usually listen to that kind of stuff but he’d been playing his music all night and I picked out a handful of tracks I liked. This one is my current favourite, as it now reminds me of him and our night spent talking and hanging out, and also of how it made me feel that night, and this night. I make it my prerogative to smile at people every day I walk in and out of work, but I couldn’t have stopped it if I’d tried this evening.

Lastly, I found Snobs! Finally a place in town that isn’t full of one type of person. I didn’t stay long as the pain in my back was ever-increasing…plus I did not want this weekend to turn into every other weekend (i.e. minus a Saturday). However, I spent a bit of time talking to people, watching the crowd, and generally wondering why I hadn’t found out about this place sooner! It was packed with all sorts of all ages; some sane some otherwise (I met a guy who recognised me from a conversation we’d had on a train 4 years ago, who was clearly a little unhinged). I’m going to make sure more Fridays are spent there, where drones (and crazies) are the exception, not the rule!

So, three things to be thankful for. Let’s see if I can find the Ted talk that spurred this on in a few years’ time!

By amytuffin

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