Well I actually like David Blaine…

God love those Ted talks. They are inspiring, interesting and they last just long enough for my walk in and out of work.

I watched a few last night, and although none of them caught my imagination the way I was hoping they would (I was determined that something would kick-start my painting), I found a new respect for the sometimes vilified David Blaine. Ted seems to invite a whole array of speakers to the platform, well-renowned experts in their field, some less well known, others simply in the public eye with a niche in the market and a good story to tell. I listened to (and then watched, out of morbid curiosity) Jamie Oliver’s talk on child obesity, and cringed for him throughout. However, I found David Blaine’s talk truly beautiful.

I loved how he tried and tested so many methods. Your average Joe takes one failure to convince himself that either he is incapable or the idea is implausible. If at first you don’t succeed…

His courage on so many levels fascinated me…not just in his determination to push his body to any extent but also to put his ego and faith out on the line. Something I will learn from.

His passion is what got me most. I know all women melt at the sight of a man in tears (given the right circumstances) but I felt the deepest admiration when I saw him falter in the last few lines of his talk.

“I suppose I do have one unembarrassed passion.I want to know what it feels like to care about something passionately.” Susan Orlean – The Orchid Thief. To see someone with that amount of passion, to see what it made them feel when they look back at it, is a rare thing these days. And that’s why I like David Blaine.


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