To the love I haven’t met yet…

So I was talking to someone a while back and they shared an interesting idea with me. Why not create a website where users could post a love letter to the person they haven’t yet met? I thought it was a pretty cool thought and decided to write my own. I was curious to see what I would produce and figured it would also be quite a good exercise in terms of attracting the right things going forward…Lord knows I’ve been in free-fall long enough when it comes to relationships!

In the absence of said website I have chose to make this letter the subject of this blog post, so here goes;

Dear love,

I no longer have to hope, because I have found you. I no longer have to wait, because you are here. You no longer have to search, because I am standing by your side.

They say that life is a journey, and I am blessed because I have found my perfect travelling companion. Whatever is on our path today we will enjoy together, weather together and explore together. Fear is a thing of the past with you to hold my hand. Sometimes I will guide you, sometimes you will guide me, but for the most part we will face life side by side which is a wonderful and beautiful thing.

You will not always find me easy, you will not always make me smile. There will be times when we drift, get lost, get hurt – but I am confident that we will never lose each other for long, nor be unwilling to soothe and comfort one another. Love will ebb and flow, but we have a friendship that will carry us through any anger or pain or disappointment. We will always take care of each other.

I love your sunshine smile and the sweetness you bring with your kiss. I am dizzy for your touch in the morning and your caresses in the evening. If you listen closely when we next embrace you will hear the race of my heart and the deepening of my breath that is caused only by you, my sweet.

I respect your principles and admire your ideals; I aspire to be worthy of them in every way possible. I love your attitude to life with all its pleasures and its challenges, and I strive each day to be the person who can add to the first, and support you in the last. I do not pretend to understand you all the time, but I come to you with an open heart and open mind ready to do my best. I know that you feel the same.

Thank you for trusting me, respecting me and loving me. Thank you for your support and affection, for your time and energy, and for the security you give me wholeheartedly. Thank you for the shine you bring to my day, and the comfort and peace you bestow on my sleep. Thank you for letting me know you and share you with the people we love best in this world.

Each day brings new opportunities to remind you of how I feel about you and to make you happy. I will not waste them. Every hour is another chance to enjoy your company; I will not squander them. Moment by moment I am able to prove myself your most loyal and loving companion. I will not take it for granted.

I love you.


By amytuffin

2 comments on “To the love I haven’t met yet…

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  2. Hi Amy. You seem to be a lovely person to fall in love with. I wonder why you haven’t found your Mr Right. I have to admit I am a little surprised by your letter though. I had no idea that there could be girls out there who can have such an open mind and a broad perspective about love in general and about the one they love. I find it missing with most people (including guys) I see. Usually it is all about what they want and what the other person should do for them.

    Keep up your attitude. I am sure you will find a guy who deserves you.

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