Dear Universe

My last day of work finished yesterday with festive cheer. My Secret Santa present sat on my desk and it was immediately obvious that it was a book. Last year’s was a book on writing poetry, something I haven’t done in ages and would probably never read a book on anyway. That swiftly got passed on. However, I unwrapped this year’s gift to find The Secret staring back at me.

My boss has been raving about the ‘Law of Attraction’ for a while now so it didn’t take much detective work to identify my Secret Santa, and although I’d listened to her enthusiasms with interest I can’t say much of it had gone in, apart from connecting it with some equally impassioned comments on my boyfriend’s part. He had a friend over when I got in so I settled down to read my book while they chatted away. I had to stop myself on two or three occasions from rudely interrupting their conversation with exclamations over what I was reading. This came as something of a surprise, as I’d started reading it with a certain degree of scepticism. A few critiques I’d scanned had nothing but bad things to say and I couldn’t really picture it being anything amazing in my own head.

How wrong was I? Well, very, it appears. I’m still only a short way in but I’m already thinking and feeling differently; I can see myself becoming an annoyance to all those around me in the near future as I steam ahead with my ‘good thoughts’. The last book to make such an impact was ‘7 Habits’ by Steven Covey and I can’t wait to read it again with this new perspective. I have read about being in control, being assertive and creating your own future but for some reason I have not felt quite so empowered as I do now. Well, watch out Universe – here comes the new Amy!

By amytuffin

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