Generation Why?

Today I read about the generation I belong to…being born in 1985 puts me slap-bang in the middle of Generation Y. Out of all the things that interested me most was the comment that we have ‘high expectations for advancement, salary and coaching relationship’ with our managers. Apparently, to help manage these over-optimistic youths in the workplace, some organisations are bringing in actors to play out the role of these ‘Millennials’  to demonstrate how they can pro-actively seek feedback and additional responsibility. To hell with the actors  – I want that role! Where are these companies and where do I sign?

Honest feedback is the holy grail for the Millenial trainer. I can see I’m going to have to do some serious research on how to go about getting this, as ‘happy sheets’ and simply asking just doesn’t seem to do the trick. I’m also determined to get the book ‘The Fourth Turning’ by William Strauss and Neil Howe. Not that it will necessarily answer this problem for me, but I am totally fascinated by the idea of a repetitive cycle played out by each generation…it’s like a horoscope you can actually rely upon. Albeit not quite so specific.

Well, this may not have contributed much to my training and development, but it’s all food for thought and that’s never a bad thing. There might be some interesting discussions over Christmas dinner in the offing…!

By amytuffin

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