You can swim all day in the Sea of Knowledge and still come out completely dry ~ Norman Juster

Ignorance is bliss. Unconscious Incompetents are happy people. Because as soon as you become one of the luckless Conscious Incompetents you realise that you have to do something about it. Or remain ever-aware of your incompetence. Now, when it comes to clog-dancing, I’m okay about that. I don’t feel any overwhelming desire to don a pair of wooden shoes and spend day after day stubbing my toes in pursuit of the perfect clog dance. I am conscious of my incompetence and I can honestly say I’m fine about it. However when it comes to being a good trainer, a good teacher, that’s when you find me bewailing my incompetence on a daily basis. Not out loud of course – ‘a good teacher makes it appear that he has known all his life what he only found out yesterday’. Wouldn’t want to break the secret code now, would I?

So, the purpose of this blog? To chart the on-going circle of my own personal development – why just focus on evaluating other people? That’s the day job! For once I am going to be an adult and write a diary about something important, something that can help me (however distressing I might find reading this at a later date), and something that will hopefully launch me into a satisfying and meaningful career. As a teenager I always affirmed that I would never take a job in an office…well here’s to doing something about it and making the 9 to 5 count!


By amytuffin

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